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ARMRIT MRI Lecture Library INDEX

Continuing Education for MRI Technologists, Radiologic Technologists & Medical Imaging Professionals

Lectures are recorded at ARMRIT Annual Meetings and are certified for Category A Continuing Medical Education Credits and have been approved by the Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA).

Most lectures been been approved for CRA renewal credit under the domain(s) specified for that lecture.

Certificates of Credit are accepted by the American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists (ARMRIT) and the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).


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6018-111 MRI Education, Certification, & Licensure
6016-101 Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence and Breast MR Accreditation Overview
6014-101 What’s New in Accreditation?
6012-101 The Accreditation Process A to Z

Basics of MRI

6019-106 Pulse Sequences, Oldies and Newbies
6019-108 MRI Image Acceleration – How fast can you go?
6019-109 Synthetic MR/ MAGiC – Overview
6018-108 Fast Scanning Techniques, Parallel imaging
6018-101 MRI Artifacts Overview
6016-111 The Efficient MRI Technologist: Tips and Techniques
6016-112 What You Need to Know About Coils
6015-111 MRI Sectional Anatomy: What a Technologist Should Know
6012-107 The Art of the Technologist Part II:  Pulse Sequences
6012-109 MRI Positioning and Techniques
6011-104 Acceptance Testing & Quality Assurance Procedures for MRI Facilities
6011-108 The Art of the Technologist Part 1: Image Quality

Body MRI

6019-207 MRI Liver Imaging; What, Why, and How
6018-110 MRI Quantitative Liver Imaging
6017-101 MR-guided Focused and High-intensity Focused Ultrasound
6017-109 MRA - MRV & Vascular Syndromes
6016-104 MR Elastography: Don't be so stiff 
6015-109 Pituitary IACs and Suprarenal Imaging
6014-107 Upper Extremity MRA & Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Imaging
6012-111 MR Enterography
6011-102 MR Enterography: Technique and Applications

Brain MRI

6017-105 MRI Detecting Autism
6017-103 MRI, PET & the Quantum Paradigm: Implications for the Future of Brain Imaging Research
6016-105 Fetal MRI - Beyond the Brain
6014-112 Induced Hypothermia during MRI Brain in Neonates with Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy
6014-110 Cranial Nerve Imaging in MRI
6013-104 MRI Brain for Hemorrhage

6011-101 MRI of the Fetal Brain

Breast MRI

6019-205 Breast MRI Update
6012-105 Breast MRI and MRI-Guided Procedures (Part 2)
6011-106 Breast MRI and MRI-Guided Procedures (Part 1)

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6019-211 Cardiac MRI: A Review of Basic Methodology
6019-111 MRI Cardiac Imaging- A Ground Level Approach
6017-111 Cardiac 4DFlow: A Game Changer?
6015-104 Bicycling for MRI Cardiac Stress Test
6015-112 Cardiac MRI: Technical Considerations and Works in Progress
6014-102 Advantages and Pitfalls of 3T Cardiac MRI Works in Progress
6013-102 Heart Failure and Fibrosis in Fontans
6012-102 Clinical Cardiac MRI: An Introduction
6011-110 Cardiac MRI: Technical Considerations

Diffusion-weighted Imaging (DWI)

6017-102 Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) / Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI)
6016-103 Diffusion Weighted Imaging: Used in Clinical Settings
6015-106 Diffusion-weighted Imaging: Applications and Imaging Techniques
6014-106 Diffusion Weighted Imaging:  Applications and Imaging Techniques
6013-108 Diffusion Tensor Imaging: Fundamentals in DTI Tractography
6013-106 Diffusion Weighted Imaging: Principles and Applications

Functional MRI

6019-105 The What, How & Whys of Functional MRI
6015-103 BOLD MRI: What, Why, How
6014-103 MRI and its Functional Applications: Update
6013-103 Functional MRI and its Applications: Update (Part 2)

6012-103 Functional MRI and its Applications (Part 1)

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