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Education is the single most important factor in reducing
the risk of accidents and injuries in the MRI environment

MRI Safety
for Non-MRI Personnel

This 15-minute safety presentation provides
an overview for
non-MRI staff who may
occasionally encounter the MRI environment


  Format: Online Presentation
  Credit: No CME/CE credit available
  Fee: $10

This program provides a Certificate of Completion


This presentation is intended for

Administrative Staff
Custodial Staff
Hospital Aides
Law Enforcement
Maintenance Workers
Patients and Relatives
Security Officers
Transportation Personnel
Visitors and Others

An MRI scanner produces a powerful magnetic field that is always present, even when the scanner is not in use. This magnetic field is invisible and can turn ordinary items into dangerous missiles that can cause damage to equipment, personal injuries, and even death.

This 15-minute presentation is intended for individuals who may only occasionally encounter the MRI environment and focuses specifically on identifying potential hazards associated with the MRI suite and accident prevention.

After completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Explain how an MRI system works and describe the dangers associated the MRI environment
  • Identify common items that may become hazards in the MRI environment and recognize the need for screening before entering the magnet room
  • Implement a plan to prevent accidents and injuries in the MRI environment

Instructions for enrolling, viewing, and printing a Certificate of Completion
There is a $10 non-refundable fee to enroll in this program. Estimated time to complete this program is 30 minutes.

  • Click ENROLL NOW and follow the registration and payment instructions.
  • Click the blue link to view the presentation, which will open in another window.
  • At the conclusion of the presentation, close the recording window.

In order to receive a Certificate of Completion, you must complete a brief posttest:

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  • A passing grade of at least 80% is required to receive Certificate of Completion.
  • Upon receipt of a passing grade, you will be able to print a Certificate of Completion from your account at
  • Your Certificate of Completion will remain in your account at as a permanent record of your successful completion of this course.

For questions regarding this presentation, please contact ICPME:
Phone: 607-257-5860 x10


Jointly provided by
International Center for Postgraduate Medical Education
and Tesla Institute of MRI Technology